Congrats to New Product Consulting client Edward M. on presenting his idea to Shark Tank!

Congrats to Edward for getting a positive response at the presentation to Kevin Harrington of Shark Tank in Las Vegas last week. It must have taken a lot of courage to present to the Sharks. We will be waiting to see if they are interested in making an offer in the coming weeks.

Edward had this to say about the presentation, “Kevin Harrington and Steve Rogai got the idea. They told me that I needed to have a viral marketing campaign.  They said do “focus groups” and I told them I already got feedback that indicated men love it and women hate it.  Preston actually said that would be a selling point.”

One of  the main highlights is when Kevin Harrington said, “My 14 year old son would love it.”

Good work Edward!

It’s exciting to know your idea is at the point to where one person just has to say “yes” and you’ve got a licensing deal. If you or anyone you know have a great product worthy of going in front of Shark Tank contact us at New Product Consulting.

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