New Product, Nardo’s Natural, an organic skin-care business rubs a deal on “Shark Tank”

Nardo’s Natural, a skin-care company run by four brothers in St. Pete Beach, appeared before the “Sharks” on the latest episode.  It all started in 2009, when D.J. Mastronardo, was a devotee of coconut oil and singing its praises as a skin moisturizer to his brothers. They decided to invent a product they could sell and started mixing coconut oil with shea butter and aloe vera in their kitchen.

The four brothers asked for 75,000 for 12% equity of the company.

“Because it’s an organic line we didn’t have to finagle with chemistry or chemicals or preservatives,” Mastronardo said. Nardo’s Naturals was started with $6,000 from two brothers’ savings. They brought in specialists to help expand the skin-care line to include a face cream, cleanser, skin mask, serum, lip balm and more. Prices range from $4 to $65.

4 of the 5 “Sharks” did not make offers except for Barbara who saw some potential and made a deal for 75,000 for 50% of the company which the brothers accepted after a quick brainstorming huddle. If you would like to purchase one of Nardo’s Natural products please click here.

A little persistence can go a long way in getting your invention or product out to the market. If you or anyone you know need help bringing your idea to the market, please contact us at New Product Consulting.

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