Inventor Travis Perry demonstrates his guitar-teaching aid “Chord Buddy” at Sam’s Club

Retail giant Sam’s Club held its grand opening Wednesday, March 21, in Hendersonville, Tennessee. How did Travis and the “Chord Buddy” team up with Sam’s Club? Both have aspirations of creating jobs and ending hunger in the United States.

During the grand-opening ceremony Wednesday, Sam’s General Manager, Jeff Godbey noted that Sam’s is committed to ending hunger in the U.S. saying, “Sam’s has recently partnered with Feeding America food banks throughout the country – this Sam’s location will regularly donate nutritious, protein-rich foods to Second Harvest in Nashville to help fight hunger in this area.”

Travis said during his appearance on “Shark Tank” that he was committed to manufacturing all “Chord Buddy” products here in the U.S. He would pay a little more if it meant keeping jobs from going overseas to China.  He has created dozens of jobs for people in his hometown and he continues to grow. Travis made a deal with “Shark” Robert Herjavec who played Amazing Grace with the help of “Chord Buddy.”

Best of luck to Travis and the “Chord Buddy” with all its future sales on the shelves of Sam’s Club. Success is around every corner to those who go out and make it happen.  If you or anyone you know has a great idea and needs help, please contact us at New Product Consulting.

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3 Responses to Inventor Travis Perry demonstrates his guitar-teaching aid “Chord Buddy” at Sam’s Club

  1. ron laeupple says:

    where can i order a cord buddy at sams club? I find no place on nlne thru sams club

  2. Brenda Moore says:

    Are these currently in Sam’s Club?

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