Inventors Surf with the Sharks to Make a Deal on Shark Tank

The shark tank at the National Marine Aquarium...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mike Hartwick and Sarah Ponn are the owners and inventors of SurfSET Fitness. A fitness company that uses a pivoting balance board called, RipSurver X, which simulates riding a wave to work the core and back muscles while creating an intense cardio workout. It is basically surfing on land as a new way to workout.

Mike and Sarah appeared before the Sharks and pitched $150,000 equity for a 10% stake in SurfSET. Right away, the potential was recognized that this would be an excellent addition to fitness clubs and gyms. They can also offer a certification program and classes.

Robert Herjavec tried out the RipSurver X on the show which proved to be a workout after only a minute.  Top-ranked champion surfer Lakey Peterson also demonstrated the product in front of the Sharks. In the end, Mark Cuban agreed to invest $300,000 for a 30% stake in SurfSET Fitness.

Mike and Sara received double what they were asking from Mark. Since they have appeared on Shark Tank their website has received heavy traffic and had a rise in orders.

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