The primary goal of New Product Consulting is to assist product developers, inventors and entrepreneurs with their new ideas for products and services.  We have top professionals that can help with research and development, filing patent applications, designing your product through CAD, prototyping, marketing and more.  Whether you want to build and launch a new business or try to find a company that may be interested in your idea we have the experience to help.  After more than 10 years in the business we’ve worked with thousands of clients in these areas.  The focus of this site is to provide a platform for our clients to get to know us, follow the day to day activities of our company, get helpful tips from the industry and gain exposure to new product ideas that provide a very unique function.

We are also in the process of launching an online retail store.  If you have a product that is already manufactured and ready to be sold please contact us about having your product in our new store.

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2 Responses to About

  1. Albara says:

    If you are interesting about this invention‏

    Avian Feather pins A22,3

    Invention helps in protecting the environment by helping the birds that happened to her damage in the feathers.
    The invention is a pin by the teeth of the opposite direction, and it works on the following figure, we cut the damaged feathers, and prohibit new feather, we put pin in the new feather, then we installed a new feather in the remainder of remaining in the damaged feather wing bird.

    You have an image of the invention
    Picture for how to install pin within feather
    Model has been tested on many birds, and gave good results, nail can be kept in the wing, feather until it falls automatically.

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