Amazon launches new service to help inventors!

Good news for inventors that need help launching their new products!  Amazon is launching a new service to help start ups manage some of the more time consuming work involved with launching new products and running a business.

Amazon Launchpad will help handle inventory management, order fulfillment, customer service and more, allowing business owners and inventors to focus their efforts on the innovation that results in more cool products.

The company will feature products that have already been funded through venture capitalists, accelerators or crowdsourcing. Also, startups will be allowed to participate in Amazon’s Prime program.

If you have a new product and need help contact us at 888-680-4869 to talk with one of our specialists.

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New Product Consulting is happy to announce a new deal with QVC

After a great presentation at the National Hardware Show in Las Vegas this year we are happy to announce that QVC has chosen to work with one of our latest products, The Beverage Buddie!  Congratulations to inventor, Kim C. of the Beverage Buddie glove!  We are so happy for you that they have chosen your product!  We are expecting big things in the future from this relationship!  It is an honor and a privilege to work with the QVC team.  Big things to come Kim!

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Do you need good quality patent work?

The answer is of course: yes. It is absolutely understandable that inventors need good quality patent work.

What does quality mean in case of patents? It covers a wide range of factors, including how straightforward the patenting process is and your satisfaction during patenting your invention. Those, who help you should be well trained and informed with the most up-to-date technological and legal changes to ensure correct invention description, protect inventors’ rights and, of course, the effectiveness of the patent processes should be measurable. This is what the USPTO calls Enhanced Patent Initiative.

To achieve all these aims, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has initiated a summit. It will first take place on 25-26 March, at the centre of USPTO in Alexandria, Virginia. The meeting is open to the public: the leaders of the organization are inviting patent prosecutors, litigators, applicants, licensees and all those who are interested in the USPTO’s patent quality improvement work.

The website of the Federal Register provides you more details about the event and contact information, should you decide to participate in the meeting. The blog of USPTO will give you updates about Enhanced Patent Initiative and the summit’s results.

Information source: USPTO

If you have an invention idea and need help please contact us at New Product Consulting

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Want to patent your invention? Better hurry!

Have you come up with the next big invention?  If you plan on protecting it don’t wait or you could end up like Elisha Gray!

On February 14, 1876, Alexander Graham Bell applied for a patent on an apparatus that could transmit speech electrically, beating out his rival, Elisha Gray, by just two hours. Never mind that Gray’s design worked better. Timing was all that mattered. When Gray later filed a lawsuit, the courts awarded the patent to Bell, who went down in history as the official inventor of the telephone!

If you have the next big idea don’t wait for someone else to figure it out and cash in first. The United States Patent ad Trademark Office offers a low-cost solution for inventors called a Provisional Patent Application, or PPA.

A Provisional Patent Application secures an immediate priority filing date for your invention. In other words, it allows you to go on record as the first person to officially lay claim to your invention. Securing a priority filing date is critical because as far as the government is concerned, it’s not who came up with the idea first that matters; it’s who secured the rights.

For help filing a patent application contact us at New Product Consulting

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Can Recipes Be Patented?

We often get people contacting us with this question. Interesting that the answer came out in an edition of the Inventor’s eye back in 2013.  Here is what the patent office had to say:

From Inventor’s Eye – “You’ve heard it before: “We make the best!” Be it barbecue sauce or brownies, it seems like everyone claims to have a unique and special food recipe. But can the culinary geniuses who came up with those recipes obtain a patent and exclude others from making, using, or selling their delectable creations? First, remember that patents may be granted for any “new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof” according to Title 35 of the United States Code, Section 101 (35 U.S.C. 101). A food product or recipe typically has three components: a list of ingredients, instructions on how to combine and cook them, and the final product resulting from the first two components. In terms of patentable subject matter, a list of ingredients can fall under the headings of a composition of matter and/or manufacture, and the way the food product is produced can fall under a process. So the short answer is yes, recipes are eligible for patent protection because they potentially contain patentable subject matter.”

Well there you go!  Straight from the horse’s mouth!  If you have a special recipe and want to look into protecting it contact us at New Product Consulting for a free consultation.

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New Product Consulting is proud to announce Lock Buddy 101 To Keep Children Safe In Schools!

Lock Buddy 101 has recently launched to an overwhelming response. Close to 1000 units are already being used in schools around the USA. The patents and trademarks have been applied for, and it is ready for sale. This product is already on it’s way to being the next big safety device helping to keep children and teachers safer in schools.

LockBuddy 101 is a device that is a slide release that is attached to a door frame keeping the door latch from engaging into the door frame. The added dimension gives the door more functionality. It allows the door to be locked from the inside as opposed to having to lock it on the outside. Currently, there is a need for LockBuddy 101 to offer a way to safely and easily lock doors from the inside without putting individuals in harm’s way.

New Product Consulting together with the inventor of the product are extremely excited about the potential for this invention. For more information please contact us at 888-680-4869 or visit the website at If you or anyone you know has an invention idea and needs help launching it to the marketplace, please contact us at New Product Consulting.

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Invention Contest: $400,000 Prize!

The Desal Prize aims at the creation of an environmentally sustainable small-scale brackish water desalination system that can provide portable water for humans, as well as water for crops in developing countries. The contest ends on August, 1st 2014.

The winning innovation will be selected based on its fulfillment of several criteria, including:

– Provides water that is both potable and appropriate for crop irrigation
– Powered solely by renewable energy
– High system water % recovery and concentrate minimization
– Minimizes environmental impact
– And is cost efficient, durable, and easy to maintain

Projections are that by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population could be living in severe water stress conditions. This will lead to detrimental impacts on human health and food production in developing and emerging countries. To satisfy future water demand, we must augment traditional water supplies with brackish groundwater. While brackish water desalination technologies do exist on the market, few (if any) have proven to be suitable for use in rural or remote settings.

The Desal Prize Group are seeking small-scale, household farming level brackish water desalination systems that can efficiently and reliably provide desalinated water for human consumption and agriculture purposes. If you or anyone you now has an invention idea and needs help, please contact us at New Product Consulting.

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